We offer interactive experiences and mobile e-commerce for concert-goers while providing
effective tools for artists, managers and marketing agents to engage with the audience.

See it? Like it?
Tap on it, and buy it.
It's that easy...

We aim to get rid of all ads and commercials
as we know them today

Torsoh is our body of work encapsulating years of development in an all-encompassing sound scape technology aiming to revolutionize marketing and adverting as we know it. At the core we aim to get rid of all ads and commercials as we know them today. At the same time we created a new paradigm shift in thinking with new opportunistic creative audience engagements utilizing mobile commerce solutions which aim to turn everything into a money making opportunity that the audience chooses to engage with.
As forward thinkers we simply wondered why is that in we gladly go to a movie and pay to be bombarded with products and services that are covertly sprinkled throughout the film but we skip over commercials at all cost.
Torsoh aims to change our posture globally towards the future advertising while engaging everyone at their choosing. With Torsoh everyone's mindset shifts from repulsive to impulsive. The time has arrived to offer global purchase engagement opportunities in a way that creates a paradigm shift in thinking through convenience and ease of shopping.

Torsoh aims to solve the decreased revenue problem in the movie and film industry that has been trying to find a solution to an age old problem of slumping sales by providing tangible products that cannot be pirated as easily as the zeros and ones that make up the media. Torsoh is a solution to a problem plaguing us all. How do we make more money?
We aim to get rid of all ads and commercials as we know them today!

How does it work?

1. Take a photo during show / concert
2. Send a photo to yourlabel@picfly.me
3. Get the reply with instructions
4. Be a part of the hive and benefit


Once fans order from their phone, you get connected to them in an unprecedented way. With each order we gain an enormous amount of demographic info including

that is extremely valuable and useful long after the concert has ended because you can start to have personal interactive dialogue with your fans who paid to see you.

We combine ① mobile technology, ② logistics, and ③ mobile marketing to